This game is all about money. You will be piled with gold and all the joys of this entire Galaxy!


  • Earn a lot of money(Oh yeah!)
  • Save your progress(Pick up and play!)
  • Become a damn rich human!


  • Just click, that's all you have to do to earn money


  • Windows and Linux builds are also available (freedom from browser!)
  • Built in Godot game engine

I hope that you become a rich guy and send me food!

Photo: “Pot of Gold” by Jeremy Schultz via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license


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Watch Anything Goes Jam Feedback Part 1/3 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thank you very much. This game is extremely buggy because I was just learning godot at the time of making it.

You rock dude!


I like the idea here but you have some problems.  The music seems very repetitive. I'm not sure what the buy new shop button is supposed to do after the first time you use it.  The price to upgrade the shop is cut off at the end and sometimes it seems like I can't upgrade even when I should have enough. I like the coin sound and the little exploding coin animations.


Yes, I know that it is full of bugs. I just threw it together for this jam(should I say it out loud lol). Cureently working on another game, this one was only an exercise. Seems like I got a B grade.

Fun little clicker game. 

The coin sound was too loud for me, I had to turn down the volume.

The shop purchase prices don't always reflect how much you have to spend. The costs are also not rounded to 2 decimal places, so the text from the buy menu can sometimes be visible even when it's offscreen.

Thanks for the review. I just threw this game together for the jam, that's why it is not polished